A Day More To Live
A Dilemma
A Friend Like You
A Glimpse of Easter 
A Glimpse of Heaven
A Legend of the Dandelion
A Light in the Darkness
A Mercy Bow
A Mother's Day Poem for You
A Near-sighted Romance
A Number For A Name
A Past Life Lived
A Prayer
A Prayer for a Lady Who Struggles
A Prayer for You
A Rainbow Is
A Tree Perspective
A Wise Proverb
After Work
An Old Friend Says, "Hi"
An Old Man's Prayer
An Old Soldier
An Overdue Debt
An Unusual Romance
As One
Autumn Must Be Near
Autumn's Rainbow
Ballad of Big Joe
Beautiful America
Bear-shaped Bottle
Blame George
Bring Back Christmas!
Cayce, an acrostic
Changed Lives
Christmas Must Be Near
Christmas Musings 
Court Day in the South
Crickets and Crosses
CSI Appetite
Cyclone Devil
Daddy Prayed
Daisies Don't Lie
Dawson, a Cinquain poem
Dawson, an acrostic
Delete or Repeat (A poem and New Years Devotion)
Disaster Into Opportunity
Devouring Earthquakes
Do It Now
Do You Believe in Ghosts?
Do You Know How It Feels?
Doing Verses Thinking
Don't Point!
Driving With You In The Morning
Driving With You In The Evening
Easter Must Be Near
Eating Icecream With My Grandkids
Fathers Are
Final Words
Freely Give
Friends of Mine
God is Good and Life is Mighty Fine!
God Is Over All
Had I Known
Hanging Patchwork
Halloween Treat 
Happy Anniversary
Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Father's Day
Heaven's King
He's No Stranger
Heroe's Grave
Hillbilly Pride
His Cross
Hour Glass Muse
How Do You Spell Vacation?
How To Get Rid Of Your Preacher
I Cannot Sleep
I Love Christmas
I Love You
I Love Growing Old With You
I Said a Prayer
I'll Put Some Coffee On
I Was Going Too   
It's Yours
It's Insane!
It's Not Over Yet!
I'm Yours
Intimacy's Touch
Isn't That What Friends Are For?
Jesus is His Name
Just A Silly Car Wash
Just An Old Shoe Box
Just Let Go
Kasady, an acrostic
Katherine, an acrostic
Katherine, Valentines Day 2010
Kristy, an acrostic
Laborers for the Master
Laid to Rest
Leave the Rest to God
Little Red Car
Looking For Love?
Love's Flame
Make It A Happy Father's Day!
May I Tell You a Story?_The Lydia Meeks Story
Missy Girl
Mothers and May
Mothers Are
Mom's Apron
Mom's Apron video
Mom's Bible
My Backyard Theater
My Dilemma, freestyle
My Favorite Lady
My Heart
My Lady... Anniversary poem for my wife Kathy
My Old Shack
Mr President
My Shepherd
My Lady of Love
My Love
My One Christmas Wish
My Crazy Dream
My Pick for President for 2008
My Prayer
My Quest 
My Spiritual Hideaway
My Vow_a Wedding poem
Never Too Old
Nature's Counseling Room
Nine Hundred Miles
Nine Hundred Miles to Go (a sequel)
No Gospel Blues video
Not A Second Too Soon
Not Promised
Nothing Between
Ode to a Thief
Ole Mister Copperhead
One In Love
Only One Life
Our Baby
Part of Me
Pauxutawney Phil
Pauxutawney Phil's cousin, Possum Bill
Perception of a Child
Points of Light
Political Healthcare
Preacher Man
Pretty Flowers for Mother
Purpose and Reason... God has a plan for you!
Rain... a haiku poem
Sarah's Surprise!
School Boy Willie (A Limerick)
Sealed With "I Do"
Seasons and Reasons
Short Knees (A Limerick)
Since I Don't Have You
Sir Cricket Finds Love
Sixty-five and Ten White Daisies
Spoken in Silence
Straw Heart
Tablets in the Sand
Taffy Daffy (A Limerick)
Thank God for Independence Day!
Thank You Lord video
Thanksgiving Must Be Near
The Archer
The Card 
The Church Is...  
The Cross, an Easter "Shape" poem
The Dad I Didn't Know
The Dance
The Early Bird
The Fourth of July
The Gift
The Greatest Gift Given
The Great Escape
The Great Gulp
The Ice House
The Ice House video
The Fourth of July
The Letter
The LORD is Come
The Most Important Part of Christmas 
The Musical Message of Christmas
The Mystery of Mercy Manor
The Mystery of Madeleine McCain 
The New Baby 
The Queen of the Sea
The Sting
The Tune Up
The Volunteers
The Wonder of all Wonders
Thinking verses Doing
This Anchor
This I Knew About You
Three Seconds to Live
Tiny Hands
Tired Passion
To Grandparents' Place We Go!
To Our Coach
Twelve Christmas Angels
Twelve Things About Christmas Past
What'll We Do About Us?
What Do You Give a King? 
What Have We Learned? A Palm Sunday poem
What Is?
When I See Ol' Glory
When I Think of Snow
When I Think of You at Christmas
When You Get Snow
Where Do Our Little Ones Go?
Where Is He?
Where Golden Daffodils Grow
Why Are You Crying? Video
Why Do I Pray?
Why Does It Rain on the Fourth of July?
Winds of Autumn
Wintertime Memories (the poem)
Wintertime Memory (the recitation)
You've Been Such A Wonderful Mother
You and Me
You Are My Exit
You Promised With All Of Your Heart
Young at Heart
Your Love