A Dilemma

It all started when I lost my teeth,
And artificial ones went in;
Then I had trouble chewing,
So they replaced my jaw and chin.

Next, while I was out for a walk,
Terrible pain hit my knees;
But after two replacements,
I walk with unnatural ease!

They plug me up to equipment,
Pull out the old useless part,
And then replace it with the new one
As months of therapy I start.

As old age has taken its toll,
The Docs have done their share
To replace most of my body parts,
From hip sockets to my hair.

At times I feel like an old car
That’s been worn completely down;
So I make my way to the OR garage
In my sterile hospital gown.

But when my life is over
And this body had grown hard,
Will they call the undertaker,
Or tow me to the junkyard?

© Loyd C. Taylor