Picture a small hole in a metal container and 
a prisioner looking at freedom for the first time in five years!

Five years held in a metal container
A nightmare that abused my sanity,
No freedom and only rations of food
Five years seemed an eternity.

Five years of brutal imprisonment
My captors the only company,
Once I enjoyed sweet freedom
Now four walls seemed my destiny.

Five years since I was abducted
My life came to a sudden pause,
I became but a bargaining chip
To help with their political cause.

Five years of praying and hoping
Thoughts of freedom kept me alive,
A rusty nail scratched off the days
"One thousand eight hundred and twenty-five."

Then I felt my metal cell lifted
And hauled down a rocky road,
We came to a stop abruptly
It was here they dumped their load.

My captors shout, "Freedom at dawn!"
Would my stay in hell soon be through?
Then I heard the sound of a seagull cry
I smelled salt from the ocean blue.

After five years would freedom come?
Hope lived as tears filled my eyes.
I longed to look at my location
So a tiny hole I began to pry

I peeled the rusty metal back
Laboring until day turned to night,
Ripping the metal one inch at a time
Finally a small beam of light!

I continued to tear it open
Bloody fingers gave all their might,
With will to live and thoughts of home
my exhaustion brought on the night.

Sweet dreams did drown out the agony
Of empty gut and feet bruised by chains,
For I saw Shelby my golden retriever
I tasted coffee and sweet summer rain.

Awakened as a sunbeam touched my eyes
In the distance I heard an engine whine,
Like magic I was drawn up to my hole
On my face I felt the sunshine.

My hands gripped the jagged steel
My heart was racing and pounding fast,
Tears of joy poured as I shouted;
"My God, a glimpse of Heaven at last!"

© Loyd C. Taylor


Author's notes: I gave some thought to those recently released from being held as hostages for several five years. I also thought of some helpless victim being held and abused. What would it be like to finally see freedom such as the view of the ocean and to know that in just a short while the horrible ordeal would be over?
I hope it speaks to your heart. May you be blessed as you read and thank you for your time, Loyd