A Legend of a Dandelion

We had our biggest quarrel, 
A stupid, childish fight; 
Angrily, we walked away— 
Both knew it wasn't right. 

I felt pretty dejected, 
As low as one could feel; 
Found a seat on a park bench 
To ponder: "Is love really real?" 

An old man sat down beside me, 
Smiled and stuck out his hand. 
He said, "Son, if you'd like to talk, 
Then maybe I could understand." 

I told him about our quarrel, 
Of my selfishness and pride; 
I said, "I love her so much." 
Then broke right down and cried. 

He handed me a crinkled napkin 
Saying, "We all cry when in pain." 
I wiped my eyes, and thanked him; 
Then he spoke up once again. 

"Love, you know, is amazing, 
It's magical and unique." 
That line took me captive; 
I strained to hear him speak. 

Allow me to share a story— 
Many will swear that it is true. 
You might think it silly, but
Let me share it now with you. 

It's the legend of the Dandelion, 
Which grows wildly in the ground; 
He wishes for some tender hand
To help spread his seed around. 

He knows he will give his life 
As you pluck him; he will die— 
But he's willing to sacrifice 
To free his seed into the sky. 

So, if you gently release them, 
He'll grant one wish to you. 
If you believe with all your heart, 
He will make that wish come true!" 

I know he found skepticism 
When he gazed into my face. 
"But," he said, "it won't happen, 
Unless this legend you embrace. 

Wishin's about love and magic! 
What's to lose, my good friend? 
Go now, wish on the Dandelion; 
Free his seed into the wind. 

Before you say it's all over, 
Assuming death to romance, 
Believe in magic and in love; 
Give the Dandelion a chance! 

Just go down to the meadow; 
You'll find him growing there.
Pluck him up and then gently 
Blow his seed into the air." 

I politely thanked the old man, 
Then got up and walked away, 
Over the brook to our spot 
Where we went our separate ways. 

So, here I am, Mr. Dandelion, 
With my aching heart, I say; 
"I wish that you bring her back 
And please, let it be today?" 

I reached and plucked him up, 
To my lips brought him near; 
I closed tight my teary eyes
And wished above my fear. 

I must have looked a sight, 
Lying there on the ground; 
I opened my eyes just to see 
The seeds flying all around. 

“Now what's next?” I thought, 
As I stood up then to leave; 
That's when I heard a voice 
Call out sweetly to me... 

"Hey, what ya doin’, and 
Who's that you're talkin' to?" 
I turned and to my surprise, 
My eyes then fixed on you. 

I said, "It may seem silly, 
But I wished upon a weed; 
Then to make it come true, 
I had to blow away the seed. 

And may I ask you, Love, 
What brings you out this way?" 
She said, "I had to tell you, 
I was sorry that I ever ran away. 

I want to say I love you, 
And with you to always be— 
To ask if there's a chance 
That you'll come back to me?" 

We embraced and made up
As we turned to walk away; 
She asked, "Could you tell me 
What wish you made today?" 

"I cannot tell, for I did vow
To keep it within my heart; 
But I can say that I love you 
And I want a brand new start. 

But give me a just a minute, 
There's something I must do.” 
I knelt down and whispered, 
"Mr. Dandelion, I owe it all to you." 

© Loyd C. Taylor