A Nearsighted Romance

A few years back I was out on a fling
So I drove over to a new hot spot;
It would allow me a place to unwind
And for me give romance another shot.

I entered the club feeling some good vibes,
When I saw a beauty across the room;
As tingling chills went up and down my spine,
I had the feeling love’s blossom would bloom.

Aw yes, I must pounce upon this moment,
Good fortune had finally come my way!
Oh, I imagined a wedding bell's peal,
While thinking of romantic things to say!

Then to look cool I took my glasses off
And did shuffle around my jet-black hair.
Next, I sprayed some mint into my mouth,
When finished, I slyly slid out my chair.

Next I trained my focus on her image,
As cat-like across the stone floor I walked.
I tried then to recall some poetry,
Hoping I might steal her heart as we talked.

I would say, "Thou art the rarest treasure,"
And, "T'was fate that ledest me here to thee."
But blindly I tripped and fell in her arms,
That's when I realized that she was a he!

As he wrapped masculine arms around me,
The odor from his armpit found my nose;
My eyes froze fixed on his gorilla legs,
As to the floor fell his French panty hose.

My eyes refocused as my stomach churned,
I thought, "How did I get into this mess?"
Then he said, with the Terminator's voice,
"I'll be back, Dear, must go n' fix my dress."

He winked as one of his huge lashes fell,
But I ran as soon as I got the chance.
I vowed to always keep my glasses on
Whenever I go out looking for romance.

© Loyd C. Taylor