He’s waiting for her, any minute she’ll be home. Outside he’s moving about, his pigtail about shoulder height dangling 
out from under a blue Harley Davidson cap he has on. 

Taking out a red handkerchief from his blue jeans he wipes over the Harley chrome. He walks to the mail box, looks across the street, waves, he’s close enough that the eagle tattoo he proudly brandishes may be seen, reflective of a past lived life, one that was wild and free. 

Putting the mail in his back pocket he plays fetch with the dog, takes out the garden hose and gives his banana tree a drink. He turns moves a tricycle out of the way and kicks the volleyball.
Look! She's coming up the drive!

He drops the hose and quickly makes his way to the place where her car comes to a stop. Reaching out for the door handle, he opens up her door… leaning inward… he kisses his wife as he takes a package from her hands; then takes her arm in his. 

Heading towards the modest split level where a family now lives… he and the wife… the kids… the dog and banana tree. 
As they are walking away he turns looking across the street, waves, raising His eagle tattooed arm, his pigtail dangling about shoulder height out from under his blue Harley Davidson cap… reflective of a past lived life.

Dedicated to my good neighbor Charley.

© March 2008 by Loyd C. Taylor