Rainbow Is

Rainbow is...

An undeniable natural beauty,
Appearing mysteriously.
Seven colors of grandeur rare,
Light touching droplets in the air.
From earthly showers or water spray,
Opposite the sun, observed at day.

Rainbow is...

Arrayed in brilliant colors glow,
Canvassed as a beauty bow; 
Redorangeyellow, greenindigoblue,
Violet and others hidden from our view.
A sign of God’s mercy we know,
Since earth beheld the first rainbow.

R ainbows are 
A mazingly 
I ndescribable!
N aturally 
B eautiful! 
O bservably 
W onderful!

Rainbow Is
Not reproducible by mortal man,
T’was created for the Maker’s plan.
Creatures can only in wonder stare;
A masterpiece none can compare.
Treasured more than diamond’s glow,
All this, and more, in the rainbow.

© Loyd C. Taylor