"The story of Dusty and Sam."
It's sad, but so goes a dog's life; 
The master's gone and she's alone. 
Oh, when will he ever play fetch, 
Or give the poor doggie her bone? 

Her puppy-dog eyes told the story, 
As she stared at four lonely cold walls; 
Then along came her slimy Prince Charming,
As she waited for her master's call. 

It was quite an unusual romance, 
A union made near her food pan; 
For Dusty Dog found her true soul-mate 
To ease her pining for a man!

I used to feel sorry for her 
For little time I could allow; 
When I noticed them snuggling together, 
My guilty burden was eased somehow. 

Sam Wart is what I have since named him,
He's green and he hops on four feet; 
They're really an unusual couple, 
Now neither is lonely, oh, so sweet! 

My friends, 
Have you guessed this green creature, 
That fell for sweet Dusty the dog? 
I'll tell you the truth with no croaking, 
Sam Wart is a big toady frog.

© August 2008 by Loyd C. Taylor

My son asked me to watch his dog Dusty, a female pit bull mixture. I agreed to watch her for a few days until he moved and got settle in. Well, that’ turned into many months. I had no place for her to stay but under our porch, which was enclosed. I felt so bad, leaving her outside for so long without any socialization. 
One morning I spotted this frog sitting near her food bowl. I assumed it was eating the flies that came to eat her leftover food. I named him Sam Wart. I ran inside, grabbed my camera then snapped a photo of the two of them for you to see. 
It appears Dusty is smiling in the picture. Sure enough, daily I found Sam in the same spot. He seemed content and grew to be a rather plump frog. 
I hope you enjoy the photo and the poem. Loyd

An Unusual Romance