If you should see her,
kindly, let her know,
best wishes I send.

And please let her know
I would love to talk
again, friend to friend.

Let her know I miss
those sweet gentle smiles
that beamed on her face.

Tell her if you would,
that no other could
ever take her place.

Help her understand
that I do love her and
hugs and kisses I send.

Would you please convey
how she’s in my thoughts 
and still my best friend?

You see… I’ve lost tract of her
and it grieves my heart;
at times I just cry.

Anyway… if you should see her,
would you please tell her
an old friend says "Hi"?


Thanks, a friend of a friend.

© Loyd C. Taylor

Author's notes:
I was speaking to a friend of mine about another person. She started to cry as I mention her name. Then she pulled me aside and spoke the above comments to me. I hope you enjoy, Loyd
An Old Friend says, "Hi"