Here is a special little poem
It’s written just for you,
Words of rhyme to help me repay 
A debt that’s overdue.

You’re overdue a million thanks
I always meant to say,
You’re overdue approving smiles
To brighten up your day.

You’re overdue a firm handshake
For a great job well done,
You’re overdue a warm embrace
For making learning fun.

You’re overdue a needed prayer
To strengthen you each day,
So give me just a moment please
To pray for you today;

God, bless the strong and gentle hands
That hold our children tight,
And bless their precious, loving mouths
That teach them wrong from right.

God bless their keen attentive ears
That listen for yearning cries,
God bless the effort that they’ve given
To guide little gals and guys'.

God, I sincerely need your help
These overdue debts to pay,
God, repay the “Childcare giver”
Please bless them all today!

© April 2008 by Loyd C. Taylor
An Overdue Debt