Blame George

Now little George lived back in our neighborhood,
But to some he was trouble and simply “No good.”
When things would go awry, he quickly gained fame;
For kids would point and George would get the blame.

I asked my daddy; “Pop, how can they be so cruel?"
He said; “Kids will be kids and sometimes play the fool.
But, one day hopefully when they are more mature,
We hope they learn that 'kinder' makes them good and pure."

He said; “Focus on the good and try not to offend,
Be slower to condemn and quicker to commend.”
Dad's words protected me from criticism’s snare,
Balanced my judgment and helped me play fair.

But it seems though today, we have much bigger brats,
Adult kids who always find fault, about this or that.
Quick to point their fingers as they judge in shame,
But most aren’t willing to share a little blame.

They dismiss their reason and cave into their peers,
Then the politicians use it to prey on their fears.
Once Jesus was praised too, palm leaves were waved,
But when he let them down they also went away.

It’s easy to throw rocks at one in a glass Whitehouse,
But to defend himself, George has opened not his mouth.
Now I seem to relive childhood days others forge,
When anything goes wrong, they just blame it on George!

© Loyd C. Taylor, September 4, 2008