There are decorations to place on the tree inside the house
then some on the trees and bushes without.

There is the writing of Christmas letters and addressing cards too
more gifts to buy for old friends and new.

Then I need extra ones to have on hand just in case
I forgot someone from some other place.

There are visits to make to my friends and families' homes
then visits to those who are all alone.

There are visits of relatives, of family and friends
so I visit and visit and visit again.

Then there are parades to watch with the little tots
and the searching and searching for parking spots.

Then there’s shopping for things on my Christmas list
then shopping some more for the ones that I missed.

There are long lines of people in the stores and shopping mall
trying to find that special gift before they sell them all! 

There’s the traffic and noise of this Christmas season
so much to do, much for the wrong reason.

Then hurry back home, the house sure needs cleaning
the pet needs attention and the kids are screaming.

So I stop what I’m doing and set them down to eat
'O Lord, how I would love just to rest my feet.'

Then back at it again and the phone starts ringing
someone wants to dropp by, a gift they’re bringing.

I’m tired and worn out and Christmas is still days away
I wonder; “What happened to Christmas, how did it get this way? ”

I must not forget one man, woman, girl or boy
O the utter frustration in this “Season of Joy! ”

'Lord, I’m so tired and I hate to complain
but I’ll be glad when it’s over, I’m going insane! '

Then a voice I heard while trying to get my breath
“A New Years celebration, I would like to suggest? ”

I said; “I’m not even through Christmas and I’m nearly dead; 
besides, I can’t even think that far ahead.”

But, what I have been thinking, I know it’s hard to imagine
we need to slow down take some time for relaxing.

Let’s quit the hustling and bustling along the streets
and bring back Christmas, a time of Peace!

© Loyd C. Taylor
Bring Back Christmas