Fianlly, the opportunity I found, 
To satisfy this appetite of mine; 
One that had been lying all day long, 
In the dark crevices of my mind.

Stealthily, moving across the floor, 
So the sleeping I wont disturb; 
Slight, the creaking under my feet, 
Occasionally could be heard.

Grasping firmly with my hand, 
I pulled the covers quickly aside; 
One by one, peeling them back, 
Wiping the tears from my eyes! 

The touch was firm and silky, 
Perfect and firmly shaped; 
Prepared now, I surgically begin, 
Like a predator to its prey.

I stood with knife in hand, 
Sharp piece of stainless steel; 
Hesitantly, but unable to turn back, 
My appetite had to be filled.

By now my eyes were watering, 
Burning with unromantic tears; 
Voices screaming in my head; 'Stop! '
But the appetite pushed out the fear! 

I wanted to dropp my knife and run, 
But NO, this appetite is too real; 
My craving lust is winning the battle, 
Resolved, I pushed down the steel.

Slicing and dicing I must persist, 
The tears now began to flow; 
I unzipped the bag lying near me, 
Removing the cold contents slow.

Two slices I laid bare on the table, 
Aiding to kill my appetite pains; 
Then piling on the Ham and Turkey, 
And a stack of raw onion rings.

Appetite filled!

© Loyd C. Taylor

C S I Appetite