It was a horrific mess: traffic was backed
up for blocks. News of the event traveled
quickly through our little town.

Several thousand died in the fiery disaster, 
and no one knew how it started or just
where to place the blame.

At least four fire trucks rushed to the
scene of the raging inferno fiercely
burning on a farm in Cook County.

Though several brave souls charged into
the blaze, it was just too hot; there
was little they could do but watch.

Despite all the heroic efforts, not one
single life was spared. Folk said the
breeze carried the smell for miles.

But not all was lost, for as the country
folk caught wind of what happened, 
they congregated from all around.

Then a plan was set in motion. After allowing
things to cool down, that’s when they
turned disaster into opportunity.

Yes sir, there was lots to go around. Many
swear it was better than KFC, that day
Grub’s chicken factory burned down!

© Loyd C. Taylor
Disaster Into Opportunity