Life can be demanding, tough, laborious,
the road you travel so hard… that is a fact of life.

Look around, take note of where you are, of
what you are doing and whom you are with.

Listen to the sundry, yet distinct sounds all around, 
from squeaks in the sky to peeps upon the ground.

Loosen up, enjoy this moment, this hour, this day,
for never again will you pass this way.

Let the sweet breathe and beauty of nature
wash over your soul, experience the peace and comfort. 

Lighten up this very moment; enjoy the life you have now...
Do it now!

Do not allow yesterday take you captive, 
enslaving you to that which was. 

Do not let tomorrow arrest you, 
entombing you into that which may never be.

Do not pursue the intangible; instead exchange it 
for what you may touch, hear and see.

Love life and everything about living... 
Love the drum of your heart beating,
Love the taps of your feet walking, 
Love the feel your lungs breathing. 

Learn the lesson of enjoying life. 
Life is sacred.
Life is swift.
Life is sweet.

Do it today! 
Not tomorrow, 
Not later on, 
Not in a little while… 

Do it now!

© Loyd C. Taylor