Doing Verses Thinking
You may say you care, that you don’t mind at all, 
You may smile warmly and answer when I call; 
You may reach out a hand to help should I fall, 
But God knows what you are thinking.

You may act concerned and happy to assist, 
You may give me money from your loosened fist; 
You may take time to sit with me for a bit, 
But God knows what you are thinking.

I want to think you love me and really care, 
I want to call you and know that you’ll be there; 
I want to share burdens I’m trying to bare, 
But God knows what I am thinking. 

O God, help us to do, not just think the deed, 
By acting in love to meet another’s need; 
O God, as you are, may we be so indeed, 
And help us do as we’re thinking.

© Loyd C. Taylor