When I went to sleep last evening
My day was made complete,
By the fragrance of your perfume 
And of your complexion sweet.

Though my body was exhausted
My racing mind filled with thoughts,
So, I lay there reminiscing Love 
Like counting highway dots.

I thought of the miles traveled,
Together, just me and you;
Of the many wonders witnessed
From a panorama windshield view.

We’ve gazed from scenic lookouts
Spontaneously parked along the way,
At times we caught fleeting glances
Of life in the rearview, fading fast away.

Those memories were like billboards
Causing thoughts of us to revive,
As road signs or mile markers 
Pointed out the next mile to drive.

Life has been like Driver’s Ed
With new lessons every day,
Teaching us love and commitment
Needed to drive on life’s highway.

Yes, it's been a long road Dear 
But, wow… what a wonderful ride!
And if God permits I 'll keep riding
With you ever by my side.

To my wife.

© Loyd C. Taylor, July 2009
Driving With You In The Evening