When I awoke this morning,
You were on my mind,
So, I cruised back in time Love,
Drove slowly from rewind.

I recalled how we first entered,
On this road of life;
Just two love struck kids,
Who became man and wife.

Memories became road signs,
Flashing through my head,
One showed where I met you,
Another, the day we wed.

I saw careless wrong turns,
Destinations never made,
Warnings of hazardous weather,
Slowing us to uphill grade.

There were times we both questioned,
And threatened a U-turn,
Instead, we put our foot to the gas,
And let the rubber burn.

Since, there have been blind curves
And speed bumps to slow the way,
Frustrating detours and pit stops,
As we journeyed day by day.

But no matter how long Dear,
On our road, we get to ride,
I will enjoy the drive better,
With you here by my side.

To my wife.

© Loyd C. Taylor, July 2009
Driving With You In The Morning