In the beginning, God made the world, but all was not good. But, something was missing in Adam's neighborhood.

Each creature had its counterpart, a partner for life, 
A companion to share joy or strife.

They were summoned to Adam, large and small; 
Male and female, then he named them all.

But for him hope for a mate had all but died; 
Empty and all alone, inside he cried.

God said, "It is not good that man is alone", 
So, He set to work to use bone of bone.

He told man, “Close your eyes and go to sleep.” 
As over his being, loneliness did sweep.

His heart ached from the terrible emptiness; 
But, God had a plan for Adam’s distress.

While Adam slept his hopeful heart did beat. 
As God took a rib and made his helpmeet.

God said, “Adam, Awake and behold; 
She is your wife, to have and hold!

She is woman, for from you she came." 
"Flesh of my flesh,” Adam did exclaim!

Eve, thou art beautiful oh my Love, 
A precious, perfect gift from above!

God said, “Join now and you two become one, 
Cherish each other from this day on."

Loneliness was defeated, Adam's now complete, 
For God provided the perfect helpmeet.

The sky is bluer, earth is a deeper green! 
Birds sing sweeter, for the King and Queen.

God’s creation is perfected, a master plan... 
His final stroke was creating Woman.

When it was finished as God knew it would,
He turned the not good into very good.

© Loyd C. Taylor