Final Words

I’m glad you’re here; was concerned you wouldn’t make it.
Don’t know how long, dear, I’m afraid, I must admit.
Your presence brings me comfort in a special way.
Besides, there are few things I just needed to say.

I can’t tell you enough just how much I love you;
Yes, dear, I have no doubt, that you love me too.
And thank you for the years we’ve had. My, how time flies.
Here, darlin’, take this tissue, wipe those pretty eyes.

Now don’t you fret about me, for I’m really fine;
Just make sure you use that life policy of mine.
Yes, it does hurt and may need something for the pain.
Oh, I’m sorry, for I’ve gone and made you cry again.

I signed those last few documents late yesterday,
And Goodwill came early and took those things away.
Guess I’m ’bout as prepared as anyone can be;
Just never thought, dear, this could happen to me.

Got to see some relatives I never knew I had.
Was nice they came by, just hated to see ’em sad;
They whispered in the room, not knowing I could hear.
Every now and then, I had to wipe away a tear.

Oh, the preacher came by about an hour ago.
He read, then made sure that I was ready to go.
Just love that Psalm about the Shepherd and his sheep;
Sure hope it’s read when I finally go to sleep.

It’s amazin’ all the thoughts a’floodin’ through my mind,
Of the tasks left unfinished and things I’ll leave behind.
But it won’t be long now, I feel a little cold;
Come a little closer . . . I need your hand to hold.

My breathing’s gettin’ heavy, I can’t feel my heart beat . . .
Look! Are those angels a’standin’ there at my feet?
Sweetheart, something’s different, I don’t feel the same;
Shush! Listen, for I just heard someone call my name . . .

© Loyd C. Taylor