The sun gives liberally 
Flowers share perfumes, 
The birds chirp chorally 
We wish on the silver moon. 

Rivers rush eagerly to us 
Sharing their waters free, 
Clouds color imaginations 
Shady shields of the trees. 

Winds whistle a symphony 
Cooling with gentle breeze, 
Raindrops' rhythms beating 
Lullabies lull us to sleep. 

Curious creatures amuse us 
Chipmunks chatter cheerfully, 
Crickets cry sonorous sounds 
Honey sweet from honey bees. 

Let us strive to be gracious, 
And give more generously! 
Each day let us be conscious, 
And to share more selflessly! 

Freely we have been given, 
Freely we should then give. 
Freely we have been given, 
Give that others may live! 

© Loyd C. Taylor