The birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees; 
God made them all.
The stars in the sky, the little butterflies; 
God made them all.
The rivers and the seas, the cool summer breeze,
The clouds and the leaves, the plants and the seeds;
Everything we see... God made it all.

The rabbits and the squirrels, little boys and girls; 
God made them all.
Our fingers and our hands, each woman and man; 
God made them all.
The dogs and their fleas, the creatures of the deep,
The he's and she's, even you and even me; 
Every thing we see... God made it all.

God made it all... God made every thing.
From the earth to the sky, the mountains to the sea;
Each and every thing that we see... God made it all.

The hippopotamuses, and rhinoceroses; 
God made them all.
Ticks, frogs and bats, lions, worms and gnats; 
God made them all.
The ducks and the geese, the cattle and the sheep,
The little chickadees, the giraffe with knobby knees;
Every thing we see... God made it all.

Now let’s see; there’s elephants and beavers, 
Lions and zebras.
Then there’s alligators and crocodiles, 
With their big teeth, and their pretty smiles...
God made them all.

Then there’s lizards and whales, 
The skunk with his smell; 
The pig with his germs, 
And the creepy, crawly little worms... 
God made them too.

You know, it's not hard to believe, 
that every thing we see; 
Yes even you, and, even me; 
God made it all... 
God made every thing.

© Loyd C. Taylor, August 1992

God Made It All
performed by Loyd Taylor