God is Good 
Life is Mighty Fine!
I asked the old man, "How do you do?" 
Then his words laid heavy on my mind; 
"Why, I'm as good as a soul could be, 
For yesterday I just leave b'hind. 

And every day I know I'm blessed, 
More than any earthly soul should be; 
For the Father gives me so much more, 
Than I have any right to receive. 

Yes sir, I am doing pretty good, 
I'm happy and fit as a fiddle; 
For God is good and life's mighty fine, 
Enjoy it's the key to your riddle! 

So long," he said, as I pondered 
The words of this one so old and wise; 
Then I prayed, as I went on my way, 
"Thanks Lord, again You opened my eyes." 

© Loyd C. Taylor, June 2009