I never knew at the time,
For I was but a child,
That he would soon leave;
Death would take him away.

Had I known,
I would have stopped my play,
Run into his strong arms,
Crying, “Daddy, hold me!”
I would have hugged him, oh so tight.

Had I known,
I would have felt his unshaven face,
Or nestled myself warmly on his lap.
I would fix on his smile and
Memorize his voice.

Had I known,
I may have said at least a million times,
“I love you, Dad,” or just silently sat,
Listening to his heart beat,
While savoring his aftershave.

I never knew at the time,
But, had I known . . . had I only known.

© Loyd C. Taylor, May 2010 

Author’s note: 
These words are thoughts of my own dad. I was only a small child when I lost him. My dad was honest, hard working, a loving husband, winsome personality, fun to be around, loved by many and a great Christian from all I have learned. I have his photo in my office and often look deep into it and wish I had just a few minutes of time to spend with him. My loss helps me to try to convey to those who still have dads to love them now, don't put it off until tomorrow, for tomorrow may never come. I hope you enjoy this poem. I trust that each child hold precious the memory of their dads who are gone. I trust that each living dad would know the joy of the company of his living children.