Heroes' Grave

Quiet mounds of earth,
Erected crosses;
So many souls,
So many losses.

This special day,
Has been set aside,
To honor those,
Who for us have died.

May we hold dear
Every gain and loss;
And ne’er forget,
What’s beneath the cross.

Thank you dear Lord,
For the brave who gave;
Who occupy,
A hero’s grave.

© Loyd C. Taylor, May 2010 

Written in honor of our soldiers on Memorial Day

I am always thankful for the great sacrifice of these brave men and women. As an American, I thank them and their families. Over this weekend in particular we should strive to say "thank you" to as many as we can. 
Thank You to all who have served, are serving and to the many who have sacrificed for our freedom, God bless each of you!
Gratefully, Loyd