Hillbilly Pride

“Hey Bubba - Whurrd’ja come frum?” 
Uh dignified smart elic ast.
“D’ja coom owt frum them thar hills?
Whirrd’ja larn ta tawk like thet?”

“Don’t thaah teech ya enie thang 
Down yonder et tha schule’n town?” 
“Shucks naw!” Ah seyd, “Ah learnt mahseff, 
Jest repeetin in repeetin sownds.”

Ah mey not tawk fanzee like ya’ll,
But folks jest luv fer me ta speeke.
Lawdy, Ah kin drawl quite a krywd 
Wh’n folk heere ma tawk own tha strete.

Sho’, most folk er buzy larn’in 
Thangs thet Ah’d dun’oned fur’ghet.
‘Sydes, Ah wayst’d a heep’a yeres
Down et thet schule thet Ah regrete.

Ya’ll no thet teecher dun teech mah 
Thet Ah da’sindid frum’n ape?
Shucks, wh’n Ah come home told pa thet 
He dropt ‘is denner playt.

Pa sed, “Son yer kin might’v swung 
By tharr nekes frum sum ’ole tree,
But any dang fool aught’a no
We ain’t no da’gum chempanzzee!”

“So ya’ll go own beck tamoruh 
and quit that dum’ole schule,
Ya’ll tale that book larn’d teech’r
Thet ya’ll jest ain’t no man’s fool!”

Sew sur, jest go own fun’nin me 
en laugh et ma much as ya’ll will,
But ah tale ya sump’in, Ah sur ahm prowd
 ta come frum them thar hills.

© 2008 by Loyd C. Taylor
Please understand that words have been deliberately misspelled to capture the authentic Hillbilly language. Also, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. I hope you enjoy, Loyd
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