Verse one:
Like a prisoner held captive, 
In a strange and hostile land.
Like a soldier, fighting in a war, 
That he can’t understand.
There’s a strange and gnawing feeling, 
Like he don't belong;
And his heart is truly yearning, 
He just wants to go home.

Verse two:
Like a bird let out of bondage, 
To fly and soar so free.
Like a family reunion, 
As old friends you long to see.
That's the way that I’m feeling, 
There’s one place, that I belong;
O how I long to go there, 
I just want to go home.

Verse three:
Just a few more, days to linger, 
Time, will be no more;
We'll meet, friends and loved ones, 
Over on that golden shore.
And we'll live there, forever, 
As the ages roll on;
Up there, I hope to see you, 
I just want to go home.

Home, the savior's waiting, 
To take me in his arms.
Home, no hidden dangers, 
To bring me any harm.
Home, my soul is longing for, 
Home where I belong;
Come and take me Jesus, 
Come and take me home.

© Loyd C. Taylor