They stood in an endless line
Holding an empty pail tightly
As precisely to each was measured
Numbered grains of sand

With instructions to spend wisely
For they will never reuse them again
So each eagerly took theirs

Some never hearing the words
Squandered what they were given
Leaving them with inconsolable sorrow

While others were wise
Heeding the timely advice
They treasured each grain as jewels
Calculating each expenditure

So as their pail emptied
They had not one
Single regret

Like grains of sand
We’ve been given
Precious irreplaceable time
Seconds and minutes
Hours and days
Weeks, months and years
To do with as we please

Take care of each measure
For as the grains of sand
Cannot go back to their place
Neither shall time
Ever come by again

© Loyd C. Taylor
Hourglass Muse