Quick! Hold this animal down,
Then strap his wrists good and tight!
Stupid idiot is so strong,
Watch out, he’s going to bite!

Close that door so they won’t hear,
Bring his meds’… make it quick!
Hold his nose and pour it down,
Man, his smell’s making me sick!

Hurry, give him the needle,
Who cares, just jab it in deep;
He may moan like a stuck pig,
But soon he’ll be fast asleep.

You say; “I don't believe it!”
Then your head's just in the sand.
For it’s true of some psych wards,
In hospitals in our land!

Written by Loyd Taylor, January 23, 2009

NOTE: Just recently while driving I heard the report of a patient in a mental hospital who was beaten to death by the staff. I was troubled by this report and after arriving home; I goggled the topic and found that the web is filled with more examples of this abuse. I have post one such report for your enlightenment. I wrote my poem rather hastily, so I'm sure it is in need of tweaking a bit, but I felt compelled to do my little part in raise the awareness level of this terrible crime. Thanks for reading, Loyd.
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