Look, the creature is killing the Creator!
Mankind raises its rebellious fists;
The King becomes the Lamb slain.

They nail Him to the cross that He abhors,
As the maddening crowds do as they wish,
Though for their reconciliation He comes.

Iron spikes make His hands and feet sure;
Mary, his mother weeps as she beholds this!
They pierce His side as blood and water pour forth.

Listen, “It is finished!” cries out the Sufferer.
God provides atonement for the world;
This Savior Jesus dies in their stead.

Yes, He is dead,
But wait . . .

It’s not over yet . . .
He gave up the ghost!

It’s not over yet . . .
He is taken from the cross.

It’s not over yet . . .
He is buried in a borrowed tomb.

It’s not over yet . . .
In three days He will arise!

It’s not over yet . . .
He is risen! He is risen!

But wait . . .
It’s not over yet!

Written by Loyd C Taylor

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