A Christmas Poem

In glory land… far, far away, 
Way’ beyond Jupiter and Mars;
Beyond the gaze of mere mortal’s eye,
Farther than galaxies and stars…

Up yonder in heaven’s splendor, 
T’was set in motion, mercy’s plan;
For God’s sweet Son would give His life, 
To sacrifice Himself for man.

He would discard his royalty,
Throw off his radiance and fame;
He would come to this sin-cursed earth, 
It’s because Jesus is His name.

He would be conceived by Mary, 
A young virgin so meek and mild;
He would become humanity, 
To be born as an earthly child.

He would be laid in a manger, 
Angelic voices would proclaim;
Praise to God for this Prince of Peace; 
The host of heaven would acclaim!

He would come to his own creation, 
Then be rejected by the same;
He would become their sacrifice; 
It’s because Jesus was His name.

He would give himself for sinners, 
He would suffer horrible pain;
He would pay the price for man’s sin; 
And break the power of sin’s domain!

He would die on Calvary’s cross, 
Suffer humility and shame;
He would complete salvation’s plan,
Satan’s kingdom, he overcame!

He would be laid in a cold dark tomb, 
In three days his life then reclaim;
He would ascend to His Father; 
It’s because Jesus was His name.
Now during this Christmas season, 
With our voices let us proclaim;
God’s great love for the whole world, 
It’s because Jesus is His name!

Written by Loyd Taylor