Churned in the midst of the ocean wild;
Frightened at sea like a wayward child;
Hopelessly alone, my fears did soar;
I cried out to God for help once more.
Through prayer, I beat on Heaven's door.
The heavens shook; the thunders did roar
In a still, small voice God spoke once more,
“O child of mine, Just let go the oar!”


Author’s notes: Through many various means the Lord has brought to me the inspiration for this poem, from the great old hymn “Love Lifted Me” , the Biblical story of the disciples rowing fearfully in a storm, until Christ appeared to them and said. “Peace be still!” as well as various media productions. However, a good friend and fellow author, Lois J. Funk wrote a poem. Let Go of the Oars”, which contributed a great source of inspiration as well. I am thankful for all these wonderful resources which helped me share my poem with you. I hope you are blessed.

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