Taffy Daffy

There once was a gal named Daffy,
who loved eating sticky taffy.
She loved taffy with crème,
and rich taffy supreme,
but her choice was gooey Toffee.

Balding Fred

There once was a balding man, Fred,
who had one long hair on his head;
he slicked it down, then found,
as he wound it around,
it looked like a big spool of thread.

School Boy Willie

Now Willie was a very bright lad,
but uneducated, which was sad;
twelve years of school he made,
but kept failing fifth grade,
choosing not to enter sixth, with Dad.

Short Knees

A young Indian brave named Short Knee,
loved to drink his wife’s cold sweet ice tea.
He drank so much one night,
he died, O what a sight!
Sadly, he drowned in his own Tee-Pee.

A Wise Proverb

There once was a young fool named Naive,
who did run with bad company,
to him words were given,
which helped change his livin’:
“Lie with dogs, and you rise with fleas.”

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