Little David
Just like He did for Little David, I know the Lord, will make a way, somehow!

Now David was a young lad, and David was a stippling, 
he did a lot of singing, and he did a lot of praying. 
He looked like a jungle boy, but sang like a bird,
fought like a tiger when his temper got stirred!

David was a'tending to his sheep for his 'Pa',
when someone hollowed at him; 'David' that was his 'Ma' 
"Run to the camp with this little biddy snack, 
and give it to your brothers, and hurry right back!"

Well David grabbed his lunch box, and off he hurried, 
and then he saw the Israelites looking sort of worried! 
He asked them; "What's a matter?" they pointed to the prairie, 
there he saw a sight that would make a elephant scurry! 

There he saw Goliath, the Philistine of Gath, 
howling in his anger and roaring in his wrath! 
He was stronger than a lion, taller then a tree, 
little ole David had to tip-toe just to reach his knee.

"Come on!" said the Giant; a'raging and a'striding, 
“bring out your strong men from holes where their hiden!" 
"Drag out your champions from underneath the bunks, 
and I"ll feed 'em to the buzzards, and the possums, and the skunks!"

Well David heard him bragging, and said; "I declare, 
that great big old lummock's got 'em buffaloed for sure!" 
He goes to the brook, picked him out some stones, 
smooth as a goose egg, hard as a bone!

He starts for the giant, sort of dancing on his toes, 
twirling his little sling-shot, and singing as he goes. 
Trouble is brewing, but David is willing, 
he hollowed; "Look out you Philistines, theres gon'na be a killing!"

The Giant looks at little David, and he can't help but laugh; "Ha, ha, ha," 
he acts like a Tiger, being sassed by a calf! 
He laughs like a hyena, grins from ear to ear, 
then he rattles on his armor with a ten foot spear! 

He starts for little David a'bangen and a'clangen! 
He said;"Come on out here you little squirt your gon'na get a'spanken!
Well David grabbed his sling-shot, slung it around his head, 
and he let go a pebble, and the Giant drops dead!

Just like he did for Little David, I know the Lord will make a way somehow!

Written by: Public domain

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