So, you’re looking for real love and companionship;
You’re disappointed no one has taken your hand.
You want a warm body to sleep with you at night;
You want a soul mate to share time’s grains of sand.

You ache and cry because your heart has been broken;
You’re empty inside like airy vanishing foam.
You resent the many times you’ve been mistreated;
You just want a friend to make your house a home.

You’re upset because of all the empty promises;
You dread getting up to face another day.
You want to love and to be loved by another;
You want to share life until you’re old and gray.

You want to go walking for long hours in the park;
You want to smile, to hear the songbird’s melody;
You want a loyal friend who loves you, heart and soul;
You yearn to be touched and kissed passionately!

Hey trust me, I understand how you are feeling.
And there’s hope, so get your head out of the fog;
Stop going round and round on your merry-go-round,
My advice, friend, go out and get a good dog!

Man and woman’s best friend.
Really! Start with a puppy.

Written by Loyd C Taylor

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