Mr. President

Mr. President: 
I've seen you bow reverently; you must be deep in prayer.
I'm touched with your humility; one of your stature and power.
I'm convinced that you believe, you seem unashamed and sincere, 
As you openly petition the Almighty to lend you an open ear.

Mr. President: 
I believe you take prayer seriously and I think that I know why;
You pray for His divine wisdom, for on your own you dare not rely.
You pray for freedom for our nation and the people of other lands; 
You pray for hope and peace as to the Almighty you lift your hands.

Mr. President:
I know you're in a situation that few shall ever be in; 
Criticized on every turn, and at times, it seems no win.
It's true, I've not been thankful for the good you have done, 
For the battles you have fought and for the victories won.

Mr. President:
I know your burden is awesome, as we people are hard to bear; 
Still you take time to speak to God, and to lift us up in prayer.
I'm blessed you are my president, and I'm thankful for all you do; 
Now Mr. President, if you don't mind, I'd like to pray for you: 

Dear God;
Please bless my President, and do help his judgment to be right; 
Grant him wisdom, grace and strength, and guide him day and night.
Give him a long life of happiness, and may he know a true friend.
Lord, by Thy might protect and keep him; in Jesus' name, Amen.

Written by Loyd Taylor
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