Before I leave, maybe just one more peek …

I walk through my back door, entering into my backyard theater, I find my place. Then my attention is tugged heavenward… being magnetically drawn to Heaven’s stage! 

The scene has been set and I am captivated by this astounding assemblage of brilliant galactic masterpieces. I gaze in finite wonder upon the illustriousness of this empyrean!

My eyes drink in the breathtaking beauty...

Innumerable stars are glimmering; sprinkled diamonds scattered throughout the sky. They are perfectly silhouetted in the distance; delicately placed on a dark velvet backdrop. 

I am a creature amazed at this creation; completely speechless, yes, awestruck! I hold my breath, fearful that the sound of my breathing might disrupt this grand presentation. 

I stand motionless; I dare not lose my place…

Alas, I can only take in but a tiny fraction of these heavenly beauties, these treasures. I can only take a sip, a tiny droplet from this ocean of radiance; it is too much for me! 

I long to drink more of this awesome majesty I view; but, it is not to be. It is forbidden, for my human frailties’ and physical limitations prohibit me from doing so. 

Oh yes; limited mortal that I am… 

I pull my eyes slowly downward, silently, dismissing myself from this well orchestrated symphony. It is so difficult to depart from such a grand demonstration of glory!

I wish not to end this night of heavenly entertainment, not now… not ever; but I must! Though I might wish too stay here forever, I know it is beyond my capability, yes, impossible. 

I breathe a sigh of contentedness…

Now carefully I back away, smiling in satisfaction of my time spent, until I need filling again. I quietly leave; slipping out undetected; for I wish not to attract attention to myself.

I wish not to distract from balance of God’s earthly creation’s fixation upon this astounding celestial scene; this crowning nighttime masterpiece; my Backyard Theater. 

Yes, the entire worlds of created things, of creatures large and small, from blades of grass to mountains tall, are mesmerized by God’s handiwork and the wonder of it all! 

“Shush!” with finger to lips they seem to say.

OK, I will make my exit, but...

Written by Loyd Taylor

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