My Crazy Dream

Last night I had a crazy dream
It seemed so vivid and true,
And if you lend me an ear
I will tell my dream to you.

In my dream I did play ball
When at me the ball did come,
I bounced up fast to catch it
I nearly bit my own tongue.

When I caught it with raised hand
I flung quickly and let go,
But my arm went very limp
It dropped it in a mud hole.

I picked up the wet baseball
It was dripping dirty wet;
I wiped it dry on my shirt,
I squeezed it and then reset.

Next, I heard a loud voice scream
I thought it a crazy fan,
But then I suddenly woke
My wife smacked me with her hand.

I did stand in our bathroom,
There in my hand a wet shoe
O, too late I then realized,
I had dropped it in the stool.

Written by Loyd C Taylor

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