I’ve seen them all! I’ve heard them talk! 
I’ve been shocked! I’ve been appalled! 
I’ve seen their moves, as they dance and sway.
I’ve closed my eyes! I’ve turned away.

They quickly lie in a stranger’s embrace.
They are self-made queens, pride covers their face.
They are self-willed... self-filled, flaunting arrogantly.
They are in the limelight as worshipped celebrities.

But you, You are chaste and mild, with saintly charm.
You are motherly gentle, embracing in tender arms.
You are one in a million, as a precious jewel rare.
You are modestly beautiful, beyond compare.

You are sweeter than the spring from yon mountain flow.
You are purer than the snow, December winds blow.
You are my woman… my lover… my baby.
You are above them all! You are my Favorite Lady!

Written for my wife Katherine
 My Favorite Lady
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