If I had a Christmas wish,
A wish I knew would come true;
One that would be granted me,
What would I then wish for you?

Oh, I could wish for money,
Maybe material things;
Or, time for you to relax,
Before the next doorbell rings.

I could wish you nice weather,
To enjoy a few days outside;
Or, I could wish you a snowfall,
So you could snuggle inside.

I could wish you a family visit,
Or, just some time to be alone;
A time of deep reflection,
Of a time that’s long since gone.

If God would grant me one wish,
And told me it would come true;
After thinking long and hard,
Here’s what I would wish for you:

I would wish for you to receive,
Christmas’ true celebration;
The gift of God’s only Son,
Who brings to us salvation.

That would be my Christmas wish,
If I had one wish to give;
For you to know God’s mercy,
And then eternally live.

Written by Loyd Taylor, December 2008

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