My Pick for President

The politicians let us know how blessed we are
To have them from which to choose,
To be the next president over this great nation,
The prestigious oval office use.

Hillary wants to remind us of her gender, 
As if the people have lost sight;
When political winds change direction,
She shifts from left to right.

Obama is the first black to achieve
Such a place of global acclaim,
With many friends in heavenly places;
Reverend Wright is one such name.

McCain is a genuine war hero, 
So let's give credit where credit's due;
Some analysts tell us his mind might depart,
He's too old to lead us through.

But there's still one knightly person to consider,
To guide this great nation of ours;
A man of character and great chivalry;
You may know him as Jack Bauer!
Even though this was written as sarcastic humor, we have a very serious decision to make in a short while. Americans must be wise and also seek wisdom from above. Our nation is a beacon of hope to so many throughout the world and our choice for president is more important than political expediency, color or gender. Please think and be wise. I hope you will not take this as an attack, just a few thoughts from one who loves America and freedom. Loyd

PS: Jack Bauer is a character in the TV series 24; he plays a terrorist hunting, patriotic, death defying, American protecting hero." Kiefer Sutherland is the actor who plays Jack Bauer, one of my favorites.

Written by Loyd Taylor

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