I embarked on a great journey
To seek the rarest treasure told,
Near the land of crystal waters,
Searching for my pot of gold.

With quest consuming my spirit,
The preparations, I did tend.
Excited, I took this journey
That led me to rainbow’s end.

Just then I beheld such beauty
My heart stopped in utter delight;
Lying near the crystal waters,
My treasure was now in sight.

Her calm smile shone radiantly,
Embarrassing the rainbow hue.
Her emerald green eyes sparkled
As diamonds dazzle a view.

Her ruby red lips smiled softly
As her hands reached out for me.
Her warm voice whispered, “I love you”
As we embraced near the sea.

She is my most beloved treasure;
She is my beauty and best friend.
She is worth more than mere riches;
She’s my gold at rainbow’s end.
My Quest
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