My Vow

As I take my place beside you
I make this solemn vow;
Before God and these witnesses
All my love to you endow.

I wish to have and hold you
For all the days that we live,
I wish to share heart and soul,
So, to you my life I give.

I vow this for better or worse,
In pain, in poverty, in wealth;
I vow this in the darkest of times,
In trials, in sickness, in health.

I vow my very being to you,
I give you all my heart;
I vow to never neglect you,
And from you to never part.

Then if God would answer
My sincere and earnest plea;
I'd pray to be with you Love,
For all eternity.

Written by Loyd C. Taylor, Sr.
May 2008

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