Nature's Counseling Room

Stone hard, I run down to the green meadow where golden daffodils speak,
To my session under the majestic blue tapestry of the sky peaceful and mild,
My heart is filled with anguished turmoil as answers to my soul’s anger I seek...
Just then the wind kissed my cheek coaxing me to relax and reflect for a while.

I’m amazed, for even the bursting red of the robin’s breast whispered discrete,
Of the hot exchange that prompted my session in nature’s counseling room;
Such terrible words in anger I had hatefully and quickly hurled at my sweet, 
As cracked notes from the blue jay’s batched song filled with pain and gloom.

The tepid sun caressed my skin; reminding me of the warmth of her love;
The singing brook brings to mind, joyful times when for each we yearned.
I heard a slight whisper from the maple leaves as the wind counseled above,
No deep psychology but such simple advice? “Return, return, return!”

I walk briskly from nature’s counseling room and made my way back to her,
Though angry I left, now I weep, as the weeping willow when she is bowed low;
I too am bowed with guilt and shame, humbled by my sin towards my darling true,
Now, back in her sweet presence crushed, needful of her tender mercy flow.

My will breaks as the weighed down branch of the mighty oak cracks under strain!
My heart snaps… indeed as it should by the pain inflicted upon my precious one.
Words flood my heart, an overflowing deluge following monsoon rains,
But trickle out as tiny drops in a ready to explode dam with imminent release soon.

Then the dam bursts! My words gush out as for her forgiveness I brokenly plea,
As the parched moister starved desert of Ethiopia begs for just a drop of water. 
Then gentle sweet rain begins to fall… the earth drinks as I drink in her grace sweet.
Softened now, my grateful arms reaches for my love; I hold and kiss her! One again! 

Written by Loyd Taylor

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