Spring brought another radiant morning, 
As Edward wheeled his way down the hall; 
A big grin glowed on his toothless mouth, 
Hardly noticing the workers at all. 

Lois daintily brushed her silver waves, 
Pinching her cheeks once more; 
With a final glance at her time worn face, 
She waited breathlessly at her door. 

"Good morning Peaches," Ed kindly said, 
How's my favorite lady today? 
I'm so happy to see you again, 
Gal, you sure look lovely, if I might say! 

It's a bit breezy; better slip a sweater on, 
Don't want my girl to catch a chill; 
You look mighty fine in that pink one, 
Please wear it for me dear, if you will." 

Lois moved frailly towards the sun room, 
As Eddy rolled close by her side; 
They found a warm spot by the window, 
Their enjoyment was not easy to hide. 

"Hello you two," Lynn the caregiver said, 
As she greeted them with a smile; 
"I'm new here, so are you two married, 
Or, have you been sweethearts for a while?" 

"I would be the happiest man in this place, 
If Peaches would give me her hand; 
We've grown pretty close here lately, 
And if she'd have me, life would be so grand." 

Lois spoke up, "Oh we're just friends Lynn, 
And though I dearly enjoy Ed's company; 
I don't think we should rush into things, 
For we've got plenty of time, Ed and me. 

Love is something you can't take lightly, 
And true romance comes to those who wait; 
After all, I've just turned eighty-five... 
And my Eddy... why he's only eighty-eight.

Written by Loyd Taylor, May 6, 2009


This was written from a true conversation between two elderly residents at the Southfork Assisted Living Home. I have purposefully changed their names to protect their identity. Their names are “Lois and Eddie” and Lynn is their caregiver. I hope you enjoyed and have been given hope that it’s never too late.

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