Now in the car, I drive away... 
I've got nine hundred miles to go. 

It's a long nine hundred mile trip, 
The car's packed, I won't be slow... 
Why I waited so long, I don't know. 

That was hard, but eight hundred still, 
Guess I'd better watch those gauges... 
Emotions do flair and hate rages. 

Two down and seven hundred more, 
She drags a bit going up hill... 
I must subdue my stubborn will. 

Only six hundred miles till I'm there, 
I'll just stop and stretch a little... 
Relationships sure are brittle. 

Five hundred miles more to travel, 
The traffic sure is moving slow... 
What happened, will I ever know? 

Four hundred miles, and I'm half way, 
Glad I left early when I did... 
It was me acting like a kid. 

Still I've got three hundred miles left, 
After more gas, I'll rest my eyes... 
Who is to be blamed when love dies? 

Just two hundred more long hard miles, 
With luck I'll make it before night... 
Oh God, help me to make it right! 

One hundred miles and I'll be there, 
She's really handled like a dream... 
Lord knows those things I didn't mean. 

Now just mile more, I'll stop and pray, 
Rehearse the things I need to say; 
I circle the block two times more, 
I'm dreading the walk to the door. 

What if I can't make the wrongs right? 
I'm crying in the evening light. 
It will be hard, I must be strong, 
My heart breaks, I know I was wrong. 

My eyes close as I swallow hard, 
I'm standing now in the front yard; 
My palms are sweaty, my head pounds, 
Courage fades, as my fear rebounds. 

Back in the car, I speed away... 
I've got nine hundred miles to go. 

Written by Loyd C Taylor, June 29, 2009

Nine Hundred Miles
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