I ran outside, and shook my head, 
He drove nine hundred miles and left... 

Nine hundred miles, is he a fool? 
I would know his car anywhere... 
Could this mean he does really care? 

Hi Mom, I need a big favor, 
Thanks, but I'll be OK alone, 
No, the man doesn't have a phone! 

It's a nine hundred mile trip, 
Dad checked the car; I'm good to go... 
I must catch him, I've got to know! 

Two hours and just one hundred miles, 
I'm going faster than I ought... 
I feel like it's mostly my fault. 

I'm approaching two hundred miles, 
I squeeze the wheel and say a prayer, 
"God, I'll try, please, just get me there!" 

Three hundred miles, I'll stop ahead,
The car's clicking, what could it be...
Is this a sign God sent to me?

I need gas before I head back, 
Use the restroom and grab a snack; 
I park the car, cave to my fear, 
I cry, "God, why didn't you hear?" 

Could this be it, has our love died? 
I stand at the register teary eyed, 
Clothes wrinkled, my heart is sighing, 
I look a mess, can't stop crying. 

I heard a voice behind me say, 
"I'm surprised to see you today!" 
I turned as my body grows weak, 
The tears flowed and I couldn't speak. 

He took my hand as we walked outside; 
Standing there we broke down and cried. 
I said, "I came looking for you, 
Just to tell you, my love's still true." 

I cried... "Why did you leave that way? 
Was there something you wished to say? 
Before I could open the door, 
You left, much like you did before." 

He said, "I know I hurt you bad, 
Never wanted to make you sad; 
I do love you and had to say 
I was wrong, but, I drove away. 

Still afraid you would not forgive, 
That our love did no longer live; 
So, I headed home, my heart broken, 
Sorry for words left unspoken." 

We embraced, as hate was banished, 
Thanked God for what He had managed; 
We each confessed and shared the blame, 
Passion breathed, igniting love's flame. 

We held tight as forgiveness won, 
Through love's power, we would hold on; 
We drove back the three hundred miles, 
Shared the good news to waiting smiles. 

Now with the family in the car, 
We have nine hundred miles to go. 

Written by Loyd C Taylor, July 1, 2009

Nine Hundred Miles To Go
A Sequel to 
Nine Hundred Miles
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