Verse 1

Well I went to church on Sunday,
To hear the preacher preach the Good News;
That fellow gave a little sermonette,
I went sleep there in my pew.
The very next Sunday,
I watched religion on TV;
But that preacher told sad stories,
Begged all my money from me…
I’ve got those “No Gospel,
Got those “No Gospel blues!


verse 2

It’s a shame God’s Words neglected,
When it holds for us the key;
To eternal life and happiness,
Hope and joy, and love and peace.
Now preachers need to preach God’s Word,
Regardless how it sounds;
Cause if they would, more sinners,
Could be on that solid ground…
Where there’s no Gospel,
There’s no Gospel blues!


verse 3

Now Satan’s just a liar friend,
A thief out in the world;
He loves to bring deception,
To men and women, little boys and girls.
But when God’s Word is given,
Their blinded eyes can see;
They’ll be on their road to heaven.
Through out eternity…
Where there’s no Gospel,
There’s no Gospel Blues!


© 1995 by Loyd C, Taylor
No Gospel Blues
perfomed live at Battle Branch Cafe'