Not A Second Too Soon

Many times her heart had been broken, 
The will to live was fading fast;
Depression had a strangle hold on her,
Thoughts of death had arrived at last.

Often she would cry in utter despair,
As into her pit she would run;
Concluding that her life now worthless,
She felt the cold steel of a gun.

Love, true love was all she ever wanted,
Someone to stand by at her side;
But, neglect was what she had been given,
As love from her just seemed to hide.

On her knees in a plea of desperation,
She said a prayer to God once more;
Then just as she squeezed on the cold trigger,
There came a sudden knock at her door.

"Hello, are you home," the tender voice called,
"Just came by to see you today."
Putting the gun down, she answered; "I'm here,
What brings you so out of your way?"

"I was almost home when I sensed the need,
To drop by your house instead;
"I know it may seem somewhat strange,
But I couldn't get you out my head."

She opened the door in shear disbelief,
Then motioned the visitor inside;
Her plan for now would be put on hold,
As with a scarf the gun she did hide.

"Please believe you mean so much to me,
And I came by to let you know,
I hope as friends we can start over,
For I really care for you so."

They embraced for what seemed eternity,
Sweet tears wet their cheeks as they cried;
"Friend, an angel must have sent you today,
For a second later I would have died."

But then you showed up miraculously,
Your arrival at first importune;
Now I thank God that you heeded His voice,
And came not a second too soon.

Written by Loyd Taylor
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