Nothing between me and my Savior, 
Nothing between!

Nothing between me and my neighbor, 
Nothing between!

Lord, I need your forgiveness, 
Let your mercy cleanse my soul,
Lord, I need your favor,
Let your grace restore me whole.
Remove all that would hinder,
Till there is nothing… 
No, nothing between!

Written by L.C. Taylor, June 2010 

Author's note:
The poem is limited to two verses to harmonize with Jesus teaching on love in Matthew 22:37-40. When he was asked what the greatest commandment was, Jesus only gave two. Love of God and love of neighbor. If we have our hearts right with God and our neighbor, then that covers everyone. The only way to cleanse our hearts and to have the right relationship with God and neighbor is through forgiveness.
I hope you enjoy, Loyd Taylor

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